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Yes, I'm alive.... sorta.....

Work's been a complete bore.  I'm so tired of dealing with criminals, like so majorly tired.  And so tired of the fact that those in charge of the DOC don't seem to understand exactly how degenerate these people are and how completely and utterly amoral even the low level criminals are becoming.  You can't rehabilitate and counsel a conscience into someone who doesn't have one.  Especially when they've made it to their late teens or later.  It's just not happening.

In other news I had the most bizarre but kick-ass dream.  I was in Walmart.  In Walmart with Castiel, angel of the Lord(tm).  Fighting demons.  Sam and Dean were the in parking lot guarding the Impala.  And in the midst of demon fighting I was shoving Castiel into a dressing room with a pair of ultra tight jeans and sinfully tight T-shirt in an effort to get him a bit more incognito or something.  I am so going to hell for that one.  Of course I woke up before the whole outfit change but it didn't take a psychic to foretell where my mind was going.  Yep, express track to the hot and suphur-ie place.

Is it September yet?  I want my new SPN now!

Psych Fic - Juliet/Lassiter - Insanity

Follow up to prior fic Kick in the Head.

Being a good partner Juliet decides to meet Lassie's new lady friend and bond.  O'Hara discovers there's not enough liquor in the world for this girls' luncheon.


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